The core functions of CESSP
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CESSP was estiblished to cordinate the delivery of University programmes to self-sponsored students. I doing so, CESSP has the following core functions:

  1. Promotion of the self-sponsored programmes of the University.
  2. In conjunction with the respective Colleges, maintain accurate records and statistics for self-sponsored students.
  3. To constantly liaise with the academic units and the Directorate of Quality Assurance on matters relating to quality assurance and quality maintenance of the academic programmes.
  4. To review and make recommendations on appropriate fees and other charges for the self-sponsored programmes.
  5. To collect fees from all self-sponsored students in conjunction with the various academic units.
  6. Disbursements of funds to various units of the University in accordance with the existing University policy.
  7. Payments to Direct Service Providers (DSPs) in accordance with prevailing university policy.
  8. To perform any other functions as may be assigned by the University Council from time to time.