1. Ms. Tecla Makau                     -           Chairperson
  2. Ms. Mary Musyoki                   -           Member
  3. Mr. Edwin Waithaka                 -           Member
  4. Mr. George Komu                     -           Member
  5. Ms. Pauline Mwangi                 -           Member
  6. Mr. Salvador Ogacho                 -           Secretary
  7. Mr. Patrick Ngari                     -           Member

        Committee Terms of Reference (Tors)

  1. Conduct CESSP training needs analysis/assessment
  2. Prepare training plan/schedule and propose training budget
  3. Monitor for implementation scheduled training
  4. Identify trainees including those to be given staff support
  5. Carry out training impact assessment
  6. Any other duties assigned to it by the director from time to time