UoN open window for more students in September 2016 intake
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The University of Nairobi has opened its doors for more students to Join the School of Business and Faculty of Arts in September for the courses listed below.  Prospective students should apply by Friday 30th September. This information was contained in adverts placed in the Standard issue of 23rd Spetember. You can click on each of the image to view the aderts

(a) School of Business

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (specialization areas: Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Finance, Risk Management & Insurance option, Business Information Systems, Operation Management, Procurement &Supply chain Management)

  2. Master of Business Administration - MBA (specialization areas: Marketing, Stategic Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Management Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management & Insurance option, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management.

(b) Faculty of Arts


On admission a student pursing BA Degree must register in any three (3) disciplines

Geography & Environmental Studies, Archaeology; History; ( Conflict & Peace Studies; (Tourism),Kiswahili Studies; Arabic Language Studies;(German Studies); Languages & Communication; Linguistics; Chinese Studies; Korean Studies ; Literature; (Performing Arts): Philosophy; Religious Studies; Political Science; Public Administration; Psychology; Counseling Psychology; Sociology; Social Work: Criminology & Criminal Justice and French Studies. Faculty of Arts students can take Economics and/or Mathematics as one of their major or minor subject/discipline.

BACHELOR OF ARTS Hospitality Management (in collaboration with Kenya Utalii College)

BACHELOR OF ARTS Travel & Tourism Management (in collaboration with Kenya Utalii College)


Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology (with specializations in Disaster Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Labour Management Relations, Medical Sociology, Rural Sociology & Community Development)

Postgraduate Diploma in (a) Political Science & Public Administration; (b) International Relations Postgraduate Diploma (a) in Women in History(b) Islamic Studies (c)Armed Conflict & Peace Studies


MA Degree in (a) Political Science & Public Administration; (b) International Relations (with specializations in International Relations Theory & Practice, National Security & Foreign Policy Studies, Area Studies) MA Degree in Human Rights.

Master of Public Administration (in collaboration with Kenya School of Government)

MA Degree in (a) Agricultural Geography; (b) Biodiversity & Natural Resources Management; (c) Climatology; (d) Economic Geography; (e) Environmental Planning & Management; (f) Geomorphology; (g) Population Geography (h) Transport Geography; (i) Urban Geography; (j)

Water Resources Management

MA Degree in (a) Archaeology; (b) History (with specializations in

History, Women in History, Islamic Civilization) MA in Armed Conflict &

Peace Studies

MA Degree in Kiswahili Studies

MA Degree in (a) Linguistics; (b) German Studies; (c) Arabic Studies

MA Degree in (a) Literature; (b) Theatre & Film Studies

Master of Psychology Degree with specializations in : Community

Psychology, Health Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Forensic

Psychology, Social Psychology and Industrial and Organizational


MA Degree in Sociology (with specializations in Sociology, Advanced Disaster Management, Counseling, Criminology , Entrepreneurship Development, Labour Management Relations, Medical Sociology, Rural Sociology & Community Development.

MA Degree in (a) Philosophy; (b) Religious Studies; (c) Human Rights

 Master of Library & Information Science


Ordinary Diploma & Certificate in Natural Resource Management

Ordinary Diploma in Counseling

Ordinary Diploma in (a) Armed Conflict; (b) Cultural Resource Management; (c) Cultural Tourism

Ordinary Diploma & Certificate in (a) Chinese Language; (b) Korean Language

Ordinary Diploma & Certificate in (a) Philosophy; (b) Religious Studies, Certificate in French

Certificate in (a) Theatre & Film Studies; (b) Russian Language, Literature & Culture; (c) Japanese Language, Literature & Culture

Ordinary Diploma in (a) Criminology & Social Order; (b) Social Work & Social Development

Ordinary Diploma in Library & Information Science


Currently Offers: BA Degree in Political Science & Public Administration; Psychology; Language & Communication; Sociology & Social Work,

Ordinary Diploma in (a) Criminology & Social Order; (b) Social Work & Social Development,

 MA Degree in (a) Public Administration;

 MA Degree in Kiswahili Studies


PhD programmes are available where there are MA programmes


Expiry Date: 
Fri, 2019-03-08 (All day)
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