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University of Nairobi

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The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree of the University of Nairobi prepares undergraduate students for careers in legal education in both private and public sectors. The program is offered in over period of at least 8 semesters and more than 12 semesters. Each semester comprises fifteen weeks. Module II has flexible lecture schedules and admission requirements that make the LL.B programme more accessible to and accommodative of the special needs of those full time employment.

Objectives of the Law Curriculum 1

  1. To expose students to the multifaceted nature of the development process and arouse their intellectual and practical interest in the phenomena of nation building, fidelity to the law and its institutions and so develop responsibility for the national heritage.
  2. To introduce students to the social foundations and perspectives of the law.
  3. To inculcate in students sufficient technical skills for the extraction and communication of legal information to make their intellectual and professional lives exciting and fulfilling.
  4. To introduce students to the international legal order, its various manifestations and relationships with the municipal legal systems.
  5. To deepen students’ appreciation of the theory and substance of the law and its application to contemporary problems.

Entry Requirements:

In addition to the common regulations for the Bachelors Degree for the University of Nairobi, eligible candidates must have at least grade B (Plain) in English. Categories of persons to whom admission is open include:

  1. Holder of degree(s) from a recognized university
  2. Holder of Advanced Level Certificate with at least three principal passes equivalent.
  3. Holder of KCSE Certificate with minimum university entry points of at least C+.
  4. Holders of at least a credit pass in a Diploma from a recognized institution in addition to KCSE Certificate with a Mean Grade of at least C.



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