Faculty of Arts PhD Programmes
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Self sponsored programmes
Department Of Geography and Environmental Studies
PhD Degree in:
Department of History and Archaeology
PhD Degree in
  1. PhD in Archaeology;
  2. PhD in History (with specializations in History, Women in History, Islamic Civilization)
  3. PhD in Armed Conflict & Peace Studies
Department of Kiswahili
Department of Linguistics and Languages
PhD Degree in
Department of Literature
  1. PhD in Literature
  2. PhD in Theatre & Film Studies


Department of Political Science and Public Administration
PhD Degree in
  1. PhD in Political Science & Public Administration
  2. PhD in International Relations (with specializations in International Relations Theory & Practice, National Security & Foreign Policy Studies, Area Studies)
  3. PhD in Research and Public Policy
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
PhD Degree in
Department of Psychology
PhD in Psychology with specializations in Education Psychology, Education Psychology (Measurement & Evaluation) Education Psychology (Special Needs Education) Community Psychology, Health Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Department of Sociology and Social Work
PhD in Sociology (with specializations in Sociology, Advanced Disaster Management, Counseling, Criminology , Entrepreneurship Development, Labour Management Relations, Medical Sociology, Rural Sociology & Community Development)
Department of Library and Information Science
Admission requirements for PhD Programmes
Masters Degree in a relevant field from a recognized University is required
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